Setting Health Goals for the New Year

If one of the things you want to be better at this year is your health, it’s time to set some specific health goals for yourself! A new year means new beginnings and a new start. Here are some ways to help you set and keep up with your health goals in the new year.

Have a Detailed Plan

Figure out what you want to accomplish/what motivates you, outlines the changes you want to implement, and then decide how you will incorporate those into your schedule. It is important to remember that you are more likely to reach your goal if you take it in steps or small goals, rather than trying to tackle everything at once. By focusing on the smaller objectives, the outcome you are wanting to achieve will follow.

Track Your Habits

Whether you are a pen-and-paper person or prefer to use an app, tracking your habits is an eye-opening experience and helps you stay motivated. Log both what you eat every day and how long you exercise/what area of your body you focus on. At the end or beginning of every week, weigh yourself and write that down as well. Permanent changes take a while to stick so having an accountability system will help immensely.

Breaks and Lapses are OK

We are human and are going to make mistakes; no one is perfect. If you do not hit your objective every single day or have a day where you eat more sweets than you had planned, you are not failing at your diet. The next day is the perfect opportunity to get right back up and continue where you left off. Plus, having a “day off” every once in a while will feel so good.

Sleep is Key

It’s amazing how much sleep effects your overall health. Having less-than-recommended hours of sleep can increase your risk of depression, anxiety, weight gain and heart disease. With the start of the new year, focus on the quantity and quality of your sleep; make sure you are not only getting the appropriate amount of sleep but take certain steps – getting to bed at a reasonable hour, decreasing screen time before bed, and cut back on sugar and caffeine.

We can reach our goals together, Addison!

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