Health Benefits of Feeling Positive

Positivity is something that everyone aspires to achieve every day. Feelings such as joy, satisfaction, contentment, happiness, and yes, positivity, make life more enjoyable and fun. Not only does being happier make you feel better, it also has a ton of positive health benefits. Here are some ways that feeling positive make you a healthier person.

Happiness Boosts the Immune System

Research has found that being happier can help strengthen your immune system. Studies have found that grumpy, less happy people are 3 times more likely to develop the common cold compared to someone who is much happier. These individuals are also less likely to develop chest infections and have a higher antibody count.

Positivity Combats Stress

Higher levels of stress cause an increase in the hormone cortisol, which contributes to the harmful side of stress including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, weight gai, and poor sleep. On the other hand, happiness tempers these effects, helps us recover quickly, and produces lower levels of cortisol in response to stress.

Happiness Helps Your Heart

Not only does happiness reduce blood pressure, it also decreases the risk of heart disease, one of the top-leading causes of deaths worldwide. It also reduces the risk of a stroke in individuals. Strokes happen when the blood flow to the brain is disrupted, resulting in a loss of physical control and responsiveness.

Positivity Promotes Better Lifestyle and Lengthens Life Expectancy

When you are happy, you tend to eat healthier diets full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You are also more likely to be physically active, exercise more and promote more healthy lifestyle habits. As a result of these changes, you are also likely to live longer as you are taking care of not only your physical wellbeing, but  also your mental and emotional wellbeing. It can be hard, but try to stay positive, Addison. You’ll feel much better if you do.

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