Have the Dress Code Rules Changed in 2021?

blankThe dress code rules have changed all throughout the 21st century. Between many aesthetics and styles, the different generations have adopted multiple dress codes across the years. In this past couple years, semi-formal is the new casual when it comes to going out to a nice dinner, but casual has turned into the new lounge-wear at home.

Business casual has changed from the formal business to casual business. Men are used to wearing a nice buttoned-up shirt with dress pants, some nice shoes and a belt. While women stuck to wearing a pencil skirt with a button-up shirt, or a nice shirt with pantsuits and heels. Now, women are able to wear some jeans and leggings with a dressy jacket and shoes and men can wear a normal plain-colored shirt with jeans.

Dress codes have become a blurred line during the pandemic.  Zoom meetings have made work harder, but dressing easier. Anybody can throw on a quick nice sweater or shirt to look presentable, they could be wearing sweats and house shoes, but all that matters is how they look from their waistline up. Working from home has changed all the rules in 2021.

This new year, expect to see the dress code rules to be more lenient than they were in the previous years. Showing up to class in pajamas and work are slowly becoming acceptable into the workplace. A huge example of this has been the rise of sweats and joggers as casual outfits. They have slowly made their way onto the workplace environment. Dressing up sweats is one of the things that have and will keep changing in 2021.

Wearing sweats, joggers or leggings along with a shirt that’s equally casual or dressy has become part of the new dress code rules. The pandemic has allowed employees and employers to change the dress code rules according to the event and place where it’s being hosted. A dress code is no longer required, if not, is just an optional way of dressing, that many no longer stick to or follow.

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