Cold-Weather Essentials

blankDressing in the winter can be hassle. Adding layer after layer of clothes and accessories to make sure you’re warm enough to go out – while still looking cute – makes it difficult. But, with a few new cold-weather essentials like scarves and gloves, your outfit will be super stylish and cozier than ever! Here are some of the best cold-weather accessories, available right here in the Corridor.

Cheetah Scarf with Fringe – H&M, $12.99

Stay warm with this super cute animal-print scarf! It’s made out of super foods woven fabric, and has small fringes on the sides. Match it with an all-black outfit, or wear a white shirt, jeans and a brown belt in order to accentuate the scarf! Find it at H&M, along with multiple colors including black, beige, grey, dark grey, light purple and dark pink.

Text-Friendly Gloves – Old Navy, $7.00

Don’t worry about your hands and fingers being cold, as these fleece gloves are the perfect fit for your hands! They’re soft, breathable and oh-so-adorable. They’re also comfortable and text-friendly, so you won’t have to take off your hand out of the glove and freeze your fingers! You can also get them in multiple colors, incuding black, grey, pink, green, beige, camo, tie dye and dark camo!

Fuzzy Beanie – Banana Republic, $33.00

Keep your hair out from the wind with this beanie. It’s super cozy, warm and fluffy! It’s made out of nylon and cotton, with extra eyelash yarn for extra texture. Wear it with your hair down or up in a low ponytail; either way, it’ll look fine! It’ll look great with your favorite sweater, jeans and boots.

Two Pack Cozy Socks – Windsor, $9.00

Fuzzy socks are a must this winter. Not only are they comfortable, but also they’re stylish and can be paired with almost any type of shoe! Wear these with your favorite sneakers or booties. They’re made to go above the ankle and maintain your feet warm. The two-pack includes one pair of black socks and one pair of light brown socks.

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