Best Ways to Pack Away Holiday Decor

Decorations bring festive spirit and great joy to your home during the holiday season. However, once magical season is over, it can be a bit stressful to take down and put up everything you have around the house. If you are looking for some tips on how to better pack away and store your decorations, continue reading on!


If you’re anything like me, you buy Christmas decorations every single year so all your holiday items accumulate quickly. One way to stay organized is to go through the décor and declutter. As you pack away your items, think about if you truly love them. Does it still fit your style? Is it looking worn or broken? Do you have items that are too similar? And most importantly, do you still love it? If it is not too bad, take any items that you do not want to a thrift store or a non-profit organization.

Take Pictures

This is a great way to help your future self when you are unpacking and setting out the decorations during the busy holiday season. Take pictures of all the areas and decorations in your house that you want to remember how you set it up. Favorite the items in your phone and save them in a folder on a service such as iCloud or Google Drive. When you pull out everything in 11 months, you will have images to look back on and will make the decorating process go much more smoothly.

Categorize and Organize

Having your decorations in some sort of system rather than just throwing everything together will make pulling out and putting up holiday décor much easier. Make sure you have enough totes and boxes and separate your items into categories. When organizing, do what works best for you. You might like to organize by item or by room; whatever way works for you! Be sure to give each tote or box a clear label stating exactly what is inside. This could be something like “ornaments” or “living room.”

Use Proper Storage

Not only should you want storage options that are deep and spacious, but sturdy and high quality as well. You want bins and boxes that will last for years on end. Strong red or green bins are great ways to make your holiday boxes stand out from your others. It also important to consider where you will be storing these items. While the attic and garage are great for the majority of decorations, there are some instances where you need to take into account drastic temperature and weather conditions. If you have some space in a closet, this is a great place to store items such as candles and snow globes.

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