All About Appetizers

blankMerriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “appetizer” as “a food or drink that stimulates the appetite and is usually served before a meal.” I’ve always wanted to start a story or speech with that line. But the definition of an appetizer is completely accurate, of course! While some places might take the easy route when it comes to their appetizer menu, I like to find the ones that offer something unique, something deliciously amazing, something that makes me want to skip the entrée all together and just stick to the appetizers.

For example, at Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse, they have these stuffed jalapeños that are so delicious. They are handmade and stuffed with chicken and Nate’s seasoning. They have a bit of a kick to them and they come with a side of ranch. These stuffed jalapeños are so incredibly good! I have been known to order these as my meal.

Try Thai Box’s fried egg rolls once and you will be hooked! You cannot just have one either. No. You need at least three because they are so good! Oh, and the butterfly shrimp! An order of five deep-fried shrimps served with a sweet and sour sauce that hit the spot every time.

Zoli’s Pizza is one of our favorite spots, not just because of the amazing pizza or the Star Wars décor either. They have these little Nuggz. As they describe it, Nuggz are “old-school-style fried mozzarella.” Delicious! I’m also not much for veggies most of the time, but they make crispy brussels sprouts with bacon marmalade and sweety drop peppers that you have to try also.

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill’s appetizer menu is full of delicious options. Fried Brie Fondue, Wood-Grilled Oysters, Tenderloin Crostini, and the Half Pound Crab Cake, which may be my favorite. So much to choose from that if you are not careful, you may forget to order your entrée. OK, not really, because the rest of the menu at Kenny’s is out of this world. Honestly, when you come to Kenny’s make sure you come with a big appetite because everything here is so good!

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