Ways to Help Addison Businesses This Time of Year

This year, small businesses in particular have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. If you are still looking for gifts to buy for the holidays, start by looking at Addison-based businesses! The owners and employees of these companies need your support more than ever. Here are some ways that you can support local businesses during the holidays.

Buy Gift Cards

One way that you can help local businesses is purchasing gift cards to use in the future. This is especially good for service business that have been hit super hard by the pandemic, such as theaters, gyms and fitness centers, and spas. They don’t often have physical products to sell so this is a way to generate revenue for them. It is also helping them by putting immediate cash back into their company to tide them over until things are back to normal. You can also buy presents at local stores, like those inside Village on the Parkway in Addison.

Order Take-Out or Delivery

During this pandemic, fast-food chains and restaurants are taking great precautions to prepare, serve and deliver their food safely. You can order directly through the restaurant’s website or through a food delivery service such as UberEats or Door Dash. If you don’t want to pay extra money for delivery, you can pick up at the restaurant’s drive-thru or at the curbside.

Tip Extra

Whether you are having something delivered to your house, ordering food, or paying for a service, a great way to help businesses and their employees is to tip a little extra. Many service workers and employees rely on their paycheck as their main source of income. A little extra money will go a long way.

Shop Online

Most stores have an online platform where you can buy their goods and products. This helps boost their profits and allows you to get gifts from the comfort and safety from your own home. Also, be sure to share and comment on your social media and on the business’ accounts. Word of mouth goes a long way in generating business for small companies.

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