Tips for Taking Great Pictures at Night

blankIt can be tricky to take great photos at night. The obstacles to wonderful photos include camera noise, low light and extreme contrast. Luckily for you, even if you don’t have a fancy camera, you still have a great camera right in the palm of your hand – your phone. In today’s day and age, both the camera and phone have the capability to take beautiful photos. Below, read some tips to help you take better photos at nighttime, then head out to Addison to practice!

For Long Exposures, Use Shutter Speed or Apps

When shooting at night, your greatest challenge is the low light that is available. If you have a DSLR of film camera, simply have a longer shutter speed. If you’re shooting with a phone however, apps are where you need to go. For the iPhone, use “Manual” and for an Android, use “Manual Camera.”  Both of these apps will allow you to control how long you have your shutter speed open.

Keep the Camera Steady

To keep your photos blur free and have plenty of sharpness in your photos, it is important to not have motion when you are taking your photos. An easy and fast way to make your camera steady is to use a tripod – either a mobile or camera one will work. Or, if you don’t have a tripod, place your camera on the edge of a flat surface and take the picture that way.

Flash is Your Friend

When you have little light to begin with, adding some extra will certainly help. If you are looking to have plenty of contrast, use your flash with nothing over it. This will provide harsh light or spotlight something you want to focus on. If you prefer softer light, try placing a piece of paper or a tissue over the flash or use a filter if you have a camera. Either way, the flash will help add emphasis to your photos.

Motion Abounds!

At night, there is still plenty of movement and motion out there to capture. While it may not be people or animals, there are still plenty of subjects to take pictures of. One object is car lights. Simply set your camera to a long exposure and experiment with the type of shot you’d like. Boats, planes, helicopters, etc. are also good subjects too. You can also take pretty photos of buildings all lit up – also at this time of year, some offices and towers will have changing Christmas lights that will make for festive photos.

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