Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

Today  is such a cold, rainy day in Addison! We don’t blame you if you want to stay home with a  warm blanket, but if you do go out, make sure you dress for the weather! Here are a few rainy day outfit ideas to get you started!

Wear Rain Boots

Tired of soaking-wet shoes? You might want to invest in rain boots! Although you might use them once in a blue moon, they’re great additions to your closet. You can match these up with almost anything. Wear rain-boots with jeans, and a simple long-sleeve shirt for a casual look. If you want to dress them up, you can go for a knee-length trench coat, a scarf and some cute ankle-length rain boots to make it look stylish!


Rain makes the weather drop – and it’s already cold out. Make sure to layer up to stay dry and warm during these cold and rainy days! Wear a thermal, a long-sleeve turtleneck with a puffer vest, leggings and your favorite pair of boots! Or opt for a comfier outfit like sweats, a long-sleeve shirt and a jean jacket for a casual look. You might even find it ideal on a rainy day to wear a cute flowy dress, with a jacket and sneakers.

Style-Up Sweats

Who said that you can’t style up comfy outfits? Wear your favorite pair of warm leggings with a blazer for a professional but cute look. Blazers can add a pop of color and style to any outfit, specially on a rainy day. If that’s not enough, wear any sweats with a cardigan for a cozier look. Sneakers or boots and fuzzy are also some of the things that you can use to style up your outfit, opt for matching dimmer colors with a bright color. For example, wearing an all-black outfit with red rain boots for a pop of color.

Keep it Simple

Wearing a simple hoodie, some leggings and sneakers is one of the most casual (and ideal!) rainy day outfits. Keep it simple with a black hoodie, sweats and your favorite pair of sneakers. A cute matching sweats set is even perfect for this type of weather! If you can’t find anything else to wear on a rainy day, a shirt, jeans and some boots is always the go-to outfit for any type of weather and works just as well in a rainy day! Don’t forget your umbrella and call it a day.

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