Pretty Christmas-Themed Nails

The holiday season is officially here and with it comes festive spirit, joyful music, and beautiful decorations. One way to add a little extra bit of Christmas spirit this year is to paint your nails in a holiday style. If you want to try something different rather than solid red or green for your nail color this holiday season, here are some pretty holiday nail ideas for you to try.

Snowflake Nails

For this design, you will need a nice blue or red color to use for your base coat, white nail polish or a white nail art pen, a clear coating for the top, and glitter nail polish (if you want). Paint your nails with your base color and let it dry completely. Start a snowflake on your nail by painting a simple X, as big or small as you want. Paint another slightly smaller X that interlocks with the first. Add some creative and unique details to each snowflake arm and seal the design with the clear topcoat.

Christmas Light Nails

Choose a light color for your base coat for these nails, a blue, green, or pink will look cute. Take a black nail art pen or black nail polish and paint a skinny electrical cord along the bottom. For extra effect, paint the cord in a slightly curved line. Add little light socket areas where the bulbs screw into. Take a white or light yellow color and paint lightbulb shapes, and voila! You have twinkling lights on your fingertips.

Candy Cane Nails

If you love everything peppermint, you have to have these nails for the holiday season. All you need is white nail polish, red nail polish, and nail striping tape. Paint the base of all your nails with red polish. Then, take your striping tape and put it down in paired diagonal lines across your nails. Paint in the blank spaces with the white nail polish and let them dry before you take off the tape, otherwise, the colors might run together. Then remove the tape and you have nails that look fabulous (and tasty too!)

Gift Box Nails

For this design, you will need a cute base coat, two colors to make up the present (such as white and red), and a clear coat to paint on top. Paint your nails with the base color of your choice and let it dry completely. Then, take one of the colors you want to use for the present and paint a nice square. Take the other color and paint a cross across the square. Then draw a bow on top by drawing a super wide & short “X” shape. Topcoat with a quick-drying polish and you’re finished!

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