How to Stay Safe During the Holidays

Coronavirus has changed our entire world in this past nine months, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose our holiday spirit! Masks and hand-sanitizer must be used to keep ourselves and our families safe. This upcoming holidays may be different, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be fun. Here are some tips on how to stay safe during the holidays.

Keep it Small

Gatherings may be permitted now, but they’re not completely safe. Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, as well as holiday, work and/or birthday parties. Try to keep your holiday celebrations to your immediate family, roommates or people that are around you on the daily. This way, the risk of spreading unknown germs greatly decreases.

Wear Your Mask

This one is obvious, but if you’re hosting a holiday celebration where guests other than family are invited, wearing a mask is mandatory. It will keep your guest safe. Wearing a mask at all times when you aren’t eating or drinking, and if you have to take it off, be sure guests are at least six feet away from others.

Host an Online Party

Having too many people isn’t safe in person, but it can still be hosted online! You can throw a holiday celebration through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Zoom can host up to 100 people and Microsoft teams can host up 250 people. Although is not the same, it’s still a fun way to socialize with family and friends that can’t be home for the holidays.

Stay Warm and Dry

As the season progresses, the coldness may get worse and rain may even appear during some days. Stay warm and dry to avoid getting sick. Accomplish this by wearing extra clothes underneath and carrying an umbrella with you in the car or in a bag, just in case bad weather reaches you unexpectedly!

Eat Healthy

Holiday food is extremely delicious, but try to also incorporate some fruits and vegetables to help your immune system this winter. Eating and opting for healthier options helps your body stay healthy and energize throughout the day. Try to limit foods that are high in sodium, sugar and fat.

Stay Home

Holidays call for gift-shopping. Stores are beginning to open under regular hours and letting up to 75% of their capacity to be let in the store. Even when masks are required, staying home and shopping online is safer and easier. Try to do your Christmas shopping online and read reviews and size guidelines if you need a second opinion or an idea of what it might look or feel like.

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