Health Benefits of Red Wine

Red wine is a delicious drink to enjoy at the end of a long day – but did you know it also offers many health benefits? Sign. Us. Up! Red wine is made out of dark grapes, which have different colors that signify the type of maturity of the wine. Older wines are usually brown, and wines that are around 20-years-old are usually dark red and younger wines are typically a violet color. Red wine has a stronger, bitter taste compared to white wines, as well as more health benefits. Keep reading for some of the healthy things drinking a glass of red wine can do for your body (and make your New Year’s resolution to drink more red wine in the Corridor in 2021!).

Reduces Chances of High Blood Pressure

Red wine has been proven to reduce blood pressure. It has been observed that red wine can even lower blood pressure and reduces stress levels. A glass of wine is enough to help with this, as too much can cause the pressure to rise and new problems like a stroke to happen. Alcohol-free red wine has been proven to also reduce blood pressure.

It’s Great for Your Heart

Heart disease is one of the first causes of death in America. Red wine can help keep it healthy by providing the heart with some iron which is necessary for blood flow. It has also been suggested and researched that it may help strengthen blood vessels in your body, making it another benefit for the circulatory system.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes

As long as red wine is taken in moderation, it can help reduce diabetes type 2 for both men and women. If red wine or any alcohol is drank for 1-3 days it can actually increase the risk of getting diabetes at an older age.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Although it hasn’t been proven, researchers have noticed that drinking red wine can help fight cancer as it has Resveratrol on it. It is the same that helps prevent heart disease and diabetes. Red wine allows antioxidants in which are able to fight off sick cells and attack different diseases in your body. Now, you officially have a reason to pour a glass tonight!

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