Things to Know About Heartburn

Heartburn is a burning pain in your upper or mid-chest that can happen after eating or exercising. The pain may also run through the neck and throat. It is very common and is usually fixed with over-the counter medication. Here are some other facts to know about heartburn.

Foods that Trigger Heartburn

There are many things that can cause heartburn, but it can be caused by food. Anything fatty, like burgers, can trigger heartburn. Alcohol, chocolate, tomatoes, peppermint and anything that has caffeine or is spicy are also on the list of foods that can cause heartburn. In reality, heartburn can cause after eating a large meal regardless of what has been eaten. To avoid this, try to snack during the day and reduce the intake of foods that can cause heartburn.  Eating before bed can also cause heartburn, so try to eat two hours before bedtime, this was heartburn won’t be a problem before you go to sleep.

Heartburn May Signify Underlying Disease

Everybody gets a bit of a heartburn once in a while, it’s very common to get heartburn after exercising or eating one of the foods listed above but sometimes they may signify something else. Heartburn may be a sign of underlying diseases like a heart attack, which includes symptoms like chest pain and tightness.  If it hurts to to swallow or is hard to breathe after or during heartburn, a trip to the emergency room may be necessary as they may be symptoms for a heart attack or acid reflux.

Your Lifestyle may Help Avoid Heartburn

Maintaining a healthy weight may help avoid heartburn. Wearing tight clothes that push on your stomach can also be a reason why you’re getting heartburn. Try to opt for comfier and less tight clothing. Smoking and drinking can also give you heartburn, red wine may be one of the causes why you might be getting heartburn. Small changes to your everyday life may help avoid or reduce heartburn.

Things that Help with Heartburn

Over the counter medications like antacids or H2 blockers may help. Certain foods can also help reduce heartburn. Bananas, cucumber, licorice and ginger may help with the pain. Watery fruits or vegetables like watermelon can also help reduce heartburn.Eating non-fat milk or yogurt is another home remedy for it. Lastly, chewing gum is also a great alternative to relieve pain heartburn brings if all else fails.

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