Pamper Your Dog for the Holidays at Citydog! Club

Lacey’s Trim & Style! Credit: Citydog! Club.

The holiday season will be here before you know it (how is Thanksgiving next week already?), and there are a lot of things to do. Between meal-prepping, table decorating and gift shopping, don’t forget to make preparations for the cutest member of your family – your dog! Whether you are going away this holiday season or you just want your pup to look his best for all those family photos, Citydog! Club in Addison can help!

“Humans want their dogs to look their best during the holiday season – because when you look your best, you feel your best, right?” said Maggie Russell,  general manager at Citydog! Club in Addison. “And the Citydogs are going to look amazing in their complimentary Holiday bandanas after a visit to our Style Bar.”

Citydog! Club is an all-in-one indoor dog park, cozy overnight doggie hotel and style bar. If you want to let your dog have fun while you’re inside cooking all day or going on a marathon shopping session, then take them to the play park, where they can wrestle, run, jump, slide and have fun until you get back. If you know you’ll be extra busy in the days leading up to the holidays or if you’re going out of town and can’t bring your dog, then book him or her an overnight stay at Citydog! Their high-class amenities include a comfortable Kuranda bed to sleep on, dreamy music to fall asleep to and healthy snacks to eat. And, if you wake up worried about your furry friend in the middle of the night, simply log on to the Citydog! Webcam to watch them happily playing or sleeping from anywhere you are.

“When the Humans have travels plans – they should right away reserve a stay in a Suite or Big Den at Citydog! Club, with a daily walk and a grooming departure service with one of our amazing grooming add-ons like a Blueberry Facial or Paw Balm,” added Russell. “When they stay in one of our Suites or Big Dens, they can bring their favorite belongings from home – their bed, favorite toy and some even bring a family photo to keep them company.”

Make sure you also book your dog a style treatment while they’re at Citydog! Club. Not only will this haircut, wash and style make your dog look better, but it will also make her feel better too!

First, each dog will get a HydroSurge massage, which uses InjectAir technology to penetrate the coat and bring oxygen to the skin, leaving dogs cleaner and healthier. This state-of-the-art bathing system means that grooming is fast, relaxing and super easy (no stressed-out pups here!). Afterward, your dog will get a heat-free hand blow-out and rinse, a nail trim and grind, a gentle ear cleaning and de-odorizing, ear hair removal, gland express, spritz, Citydog! Club bandana and organic treat.

“In our Style Bar, we do a Bath and Brush and a Trim and Style – and everyone wants to pamper their loved ones during the holidays,” said Russell. “Dogs are just like their Humans and love a day at the spa too!”

Through the month of November, you can get two complimentary day care days with the purchase of a 20-day package, and four complimentary days with purchase of a 30-day package. If you are hoping to get your dog in before Thanksgiving, make sure to call 972-243-3929 to reserve his or her stay soon – they are filling up fast!

Taking your dogs to Citydog! is the best present you could give them this holiday season. Seeing their happy faces when they arrive at their new favorite play spot will be so worth it!

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