Last-Minute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is this week! That means we are only hours away from delicious food,  savory turkey, smooth mashed potatoes and gravy, tasty green bean casserole, and of course, warm pumpkin pie. With all that food, you’ll want to wear something comfortable while you eat, especially if you go back for seconds and thirds. However, since it’s a holiday, you will want something that also looks cute and put-together, obviously! (Even if your celebrations are taking place virtually). Here are some last-minute outfit ideas to wear on Thanksgiving, all available in the North Dallas Corridor.

Dress and Tights

If you want to look super stylish on turkey day, wearing a dress with tights is the way to go. You can wear any color tights, although black is a classic staple in which you can never go wrong. These Slimming Leggings ($54) from Soma inside Village on the Parkway is perfect, complete with a stretchy material that is super flattering. It goes with so many different colors and will help you feel sophisticated, yet comfy. If you have grey or lighter-colored tights, you can pair them with a darker dress such as brown, purple, or blue instead.

Long-Sleeved Sweater

If you want something to lounge and snuggle up in, grab the comfiest sweater in your closet and put it on. Or, buy this cute Janette Pom Pom Pullover Sweater ($54) from Francesca’s inside Village on the Parkway. This cute white sweater has pom poms all over for a cute, unique look that will look good tucked into a skirt or worn over jeans. However, any sweater will work. It’ll feel even better it is loose, big and warm, and it can be whatever length you want – if you have one that goes down to your knees, you can just wear that or if you have a shorter one, you can wear it with a pair of leggings. To make it more stylish, add a cute necklace or a belt and you’re ready to go.

Poncho or Cape

This is a great fashionable option for Turkey Day. Simply pick a lightweight turtleneck or long-sleeve shirt to wear underneath and then select a cute, patterned poncho or cape to drape over yourself. I like this House of Fluff Leopard Print Faux Fur Cape ($437) from Neiman Marcus inside the Shops at Willow Bend. Not only is it super comfy, but its loose folds will help you feel confident after you’ve stuffed yourself full of delicious food. It’s a casual, yet stylish look that you’ll want to wear again and again.

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