5 Ideas to Safely Host Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is tomorrow! It’s exciting hosting friends and family over, but be sure to follow a few guidelines to keep your gathering safe during the ongoing pandemic. Here are a few tips to make your celebration  safe in Addison!

Use Paper or Plastic Plates and Utensils

This may be a tad bit different than other Thanksgivings! But using plates that are easy to dispose will be your best friends this upcoming holiday. That way, everybody can grab a plate and throw it away whenever they’re about to switch from dinner to dessert. This will be safer for the host, as they don’t have to clean dishes and risk getting their hands into any germs.

Make Plates before Guests Arrive

Thanksgiving is all about everybody serving themselves and giving thanks. But this year, dishing up individual plates before guests arrive or designating one person to serve the plates may be safer. If plates are made before, or one person is in charge of serving the food, it’ll be easier and safer. By people not passing around the food and the utensils, it will help keep everything clean and stop the spread of germs.

Host Thanksgiving Outside

If the weather stays as warm as it has been staying, you may be able to host your dinner outside! You can decorate outside and even put a small picnic table. This way, everybody can social distance and still have a great time. If you do allow guests inside, please encourage them to wear a mask when not eating.

Zoom Thanksgiving

Yes, Zoom may be hard and annoying, but it will do the job! Although it may feel different, Zoom will still provide that human interaction when eating together is not possible. A host can add up to 100 people, which is more than enough for family and friends! Best part? Everybody will be home safe, and at no risk of contracting COVID-19.

Do a BYO Thankgiving Dinner

Bringing your own Thanksgiving dinner to a socially-distanced Thanksgiving is one of the safest ways to celebrate this holiday! Although you may miss some delicious food, you can still enjoy and make your own to avoid germs and keep safe.

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