You Can Trust Guaranty Bank for Your Small Business Loans, Personal Accounts and All Your Financial Needs

Choosing the right bank for something as big as opening your own business or as little as getting a new checking account is important. It all comes down to one thing: having a genuine connection. You want a bank that actually cares about you, right? We know our readers love Addison-based Guaranty Bank & Trust, as they won our 2019 Addison – The Guide Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Bank and are nominated for our 2020 awards in the same category. We caught up with Chuck Cowell, Vice Chairman o f the Board for Guaranty Bank, about what small business owners need to know about banking during these unprecedented times.

“In these uncertain times, small businesses need a community bank who will get to know their customers and understand their businesses,” said Cowell. “Guaranty Bank & Trust prides itself on being a long-standing, strong Texas community bank that does exactly that.”

Guaranty Bank is a reliable small business lender, which offers an SBA loan to qualified applicants. This loan includes longer terms than most conventional loans, lower equity requirements, lower debt service coverage requirements and less restrictive collateral requirements.

At Guaranty Bank, you can also get a commercial real estate loan for owner-occupied projects, residential tract development, commercial construction and any other real estate project. Finally, businesses can get a line of credit that will. Help you grow your business. This line of credit is perfect for many things, such as flexibility in borrowing, finance operating expenses, expanding your business and borrowing for a one-time need or specific situation.

Of course, one thing that makes Guaranty Bank so great right now – and always – is its online banking tool offered for businesses and regular people.

“Both businesses and individuals have many similarities when it comes to banking – convenience and control,” said Cowell. “Having the latest technology is key to their success. With our 24 hour/7 day a week access, the business can utilize fraud protection with Positive Pay, make transfers and have wire capabilities, along with a few other features. For the individual, having online banking allows them to make transfers, pay bills and do a mobile check deposit with any smart device. Banking hours don’t have to keep anyone from having the freedom to bank when they need to. Online banking can benefit all.”

And since we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, online banking is even more important. It allows you to take care of all your banking needs, without putting yourself at risk.

“The challenges presented to many small business owners over the early stages of 2020 have been devastating to many. However, with challenges come opportunities. At Guaranty Bank & Trust, we welcome the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs seeking to make their dreams come true. Please stop by our Addison location at 16475 Dallas Parkway and visit our friendly staff about making your dreams a reality!”

Established in 1913, Guaranty Bank & Trust is one of the oldest and most respected banks in Texas. They have achieved this success by providing the communities they serve with a different kind of bank. One that believes smart banking is about investing in people, not just credit scores; succeeding with the community, not at its expense; and having a plan for your growth, not just their own. They work hard to attract, retain and develop the best bankers. That means, you will get quality advice from a local expert you can trust. Additionally, all their employees are encouraged to give back to the communities they serve. Finally, Guaranty Bank focuses all of their strength and stability, so their customers know they are dependable during difficult times. “At Guaranty Bank & Trust, we are growing because we help you grow.”

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