Valley House Gallery Presents: On Being Human

“Patience” by Barnaby Fitzgerald.

Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden’s exhibition “On Being Human” is on its final days. The exhibition is on view through Oct. 31 from 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

According to a press release by Valley House, the exhibition is about “Artists who address the human condition help us to navigate what it means to be human. These last months have reminded us of the importance of our basic humanity and the inherent value of others. After isolating, we felt a need to be surrounded by people—hence this invitational exhibition about people seen through the artist’s eye.”

It’s certainly been a time where we have had the chance to reflect and think about the importance of human connection and relationships. Having been forced into an extended time of quarantine and social distancing, it’s been a time to really think about how important it is to see other people and talk and share and do life with others.

“COVID 2” by Jeanne Campbell.

In addition to Valley House artists, the gallery has invited figurative artists to participate:

Deborah Ballard, Vera Barnett, Lu Ann Barrow, Peter Bonner, Curt Brill, Lloyd Brown, Jerry Bywaters, Sean Cairns, Jeanne Campbell, Lindy Chambers, John Cobb, Brian Cobble, Robert D. Cocke, Carol A. Cook, Laurie Hickman Cox, Lee Baxter Davis, Laurence Edwards, David Everett, Max Ferguson, Barnaby Fitzgerald, Scott Gentling, Miles Cleveland Goodwin, Ira Greenberg, Jimmy Hill, William Eric Horsbrugh-Porter, Otis Huband, Sedrick Huckaby, Anita Huffington, Kathryn Keller, Sirena LaBurn, Emily LaCour, Rudolf Sotelo Lailson, Jungeun Lee, Laurie Lipton, Jun-Cheng Liu, William B. Montgomery, Philip Morsberger, Fred Nagler, Trish Nickell, Gail Norfleet, Michael O’Keefe, Luke Sides, Hadar Sobol, Ellen Soderquist, Everett Spruce, Earl Stroh, Bob Stuth-Wade, James Surls, Chaco Terada, Valton Tyler, Mary Vernon, Donald S. Vogel, Amy Werntz, Jim Woodson, and Miguel Zapata.

For more information on this exhibition as well as others coming up, visit the Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden website,

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