The Many Causes of Headaches and What to do About Them

blankAfter a long or stressful day, a pesky headache might appear. This painful sensation can be anywhere in the head, but it is always bothersome and might even stop people from doing everyday tasks. There are many reasons as to why headaches appear. Here are some of them and what to do about it to get relief:


Yes, stress is usually the number one reason for a headache. When you feel stressed too often, the tension goes to your head. To avoid stress, you can always try to target the stem of the issue. Try taking a walk or journaling your emotions. It will definitely help you avoid a tension headache and will make you feel more organized and clear-minded.


Water is essential in our everyday lives, but if we neglect to drink it, a headache may appear. Drinking coffee, juice or alcohol won’t help as much to keep you hydrated. To avoid a dehydration headache, try drinking 6 to 8 cups of water in a day. If this doesn’t help, try to carry a reusable water bottle where you can keep pace of all the water you drink in a day.

Eating Habits

Too much of something always leads to a headache. A balanced diet is what you need to help avoid headaches. If caffeine and sugar are the only things in your system after a long day, a headache might bother you for the rest of the night. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep a balanced diet with everyday life, but there are always healthier options when there’s no time. Switch your coffee to tea, and yogurt or fruit with a donut. It will help make you feel better and your head will thank you later!

Lack of Sleep

Work and homework may be interrupting your sleep schedule, leading to a headache that is prominent in the morning and carries throughout the day. To fix this, sleep 7 to 9 hours, or try to take naps during the day. Naps are always a good source of energy. Not only do they keep you from feeling to sleepy, but also they may help avoid a headache.

Loud Sounds

Listening to music or the TV too loudly may be another cause of your headache. Sounds trigger our heads; therefore, when a loud or high-pitched sound is played a headache might appear. To avoid this, try listening to music or the TV at an average volume.


Headaches go hand in hand with allergy season! The change between Texas weather that’s causing your allergies is also triggering a headache. For this, take allergy pills like Claritin or Allegra! If this isn’t helping, stay hydrated and put a cold rag on your head.

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