Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

blankWith your makeup, you can transform into any type of character that you want: scary, silly or cute. There are millions of video tutorials and how-to-instructions on how to create a great Halloween look. Here are just a few easy ideas that you can try this Halloween.

Butterfly Eyes

If you’re looking for something simple, yet cute, this is the look for you. All you really need is two eyeliners (white and black), colored eyeshadow, and a small brush. Another great thing about this particular look is the wide variety of options for you. You can literally make any style and color of butterfly wings you want – they can be based on a real butterfly or a creative idea that popped into your head. For a basic tutorial, click here.

Batwing Liner

For those of you wanting to channel your inner Halloween spirit, how about making your eyes pop with some batwings? It’s a great way to look festive and glamourous at the same time. Plus, you most likely have most, if not all, of the materials at your house. To watch a detailed tutorial video of this makeup look, click here.

Spider Woman

You can choose to either paint half of your face or the whole thing; either way, you are sure to rock this look. All you need to create this look is a picture of Spiderman’s mask and some face paint. Start by drawing black rings around your eyes (feel free to make them go further out if you like). Then, use the red face paint for the bottom layer. Once that’s dry, use the black paint to draw the spider webs. For the final step, add some eyeshadow and dramatic eyeliner to make your eyes pop!

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