Addison Voters to Consider 26 Amendments to the Town Charter

Today is your last day to register to vote if you live in Texas – and it’s not just about the president. On Nov. 3, Addison voters will be asked to consider 26 amendments to the Town charter, which could make some big changes in our community!

The Town’s home rule charter is similar in function to the constitution for the federal and state government. According to the Town of Addison’s website, “It is the document that establishes the city’s governmental structure and provides for the distribution of powers and duties. The Town of Addison, which was incorporated on June 15, 1953, held an election to adopt its charter and become a home rule city in 1979. It has subsequently been amended multiple times through various elections.”

Residents will receive a voters’ information guide in the amil next week, but you can also find the guide, a sample ballot, and more information about the special election on the Town’s website.

Make sure you are registered to vote or download a voter registration application and mail it to the appropriate office online.

Once you are registered, early voting begins Tuesday, Oct. 13. For the first time, the Loos Field House at 3815 Spring Valley Road will be used as a vote center. Addison voters are welcome to vote there or at any Dallas County early voting location.

Other Addison voting locations include the Addison Conference Centre, at 15650 Addison Road, and the Addison Central Fire Station, at 4798 Airport Parkway. A complete list can be found here. Note: Fire Station 2 on Beltway Drive will not be used as a voting location for this election.

Thanks for doing your part and voting!


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