Try Coconut in the Corridor!


Coconuts always make me think of tropical island getaways. Pina Coladas on the beach, anyone? If you missed World Coconut Day on Sept. 2, don’t worry. You can still learn some fun coconut facts, then order delicious coconut dishes in the Corridor!

Many things include coconut, like macaroons and Thai curry, hair masks with coconut oil, mosquito repellants with its fibrous husk. National Today, the internet’s number one authority on holidays, surveyed 1,000 Americans about their coconut consuming habits, according to a recent press release. They found that 26% of people use coconut oil in their hair, and only 22% of people cook with it.

They also found that 36% of people pick baked goods as their preferred way to consume coconuts, and only 11% of people indicated that they don’t like coconuts. Finally, 12% have tried and failed to crack a coconut!

Luckily, some Addison-based restaurants know the perfect ways to prepare coconut. You can get a coconut crème brûlée at RA Sushi, made with vanilla and coconut and garnished with strawberry. Or, order a coconut drink, like the Moshi Mojito, which is Bacardi Light Rum muddled with fresh lime, sugar, soda, coconut and fresh mint; or the Japanese Mule, with Absolut Citron Vodka mixed with TyKu Coconut Nigori Sake and fresh lime. For breakfast, head to Snooze, an A.M. Eatery for the OMG! French Toast. This is fresh brioche, stuffed with mascarpone and topped with vanilla crème, caramel, fresh strawberries and toasted coconut.

Another way to enjoy coconut is by getting coconut oil, like this SheaMoisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil($15.99 from Ulta). This oil hydrates and softens skin and hair, as it includes fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that work to create a natural glow.

No matter if you eat it, drink it or use it for your hair or skin, coconut is amazing! Give it a try this weekend.

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