Signs of a Heart Attack

Heart disease is responsible for most deaths worldwide. A heart attack can be caused by many different factors, but most of the time, there are signs that appear before and during a heart attack.  Although most of them are sudden and hard, here are some signs you should look out for in men and women.

Chest Discomfort

Heart attacks happen every 40 seconds in the United States, according to the CDC. One of the signs of a heart attack before and during is chest pain. Both women and men can experience it but is more common in women. Men are more perceptible to feel a “mini” heart attack that can be mistake as heartburn. The pain is usually located in the left side or center of the chest. While in women, they are more likely to experience chest pain or pressure, but it can be anywhere in the chest, unlike men who only experience it in the center or their left side.

Shortness of Breath

Both men and women may have trouble breathing while having a heart attack or right before. Men may cough or wheeze, while women feel like they can’t breathe. Both genders can also experience a cold sweat and/or feel tired for no apparent reason. Feeling lightheaded or dizzy can also be a sign of a heart attack in men, while women feel fatigued and lightheaded.

Nausea and Stomach Pain

Women may experience nausea, vomit and stomach pain more than men. Women have more “silent” symptoms that may mask themselves as something else, until they’re actually having a heart attack.  They may mistake a heart attack sign as the flu or a stomach ulcer, some experience more abdominal pain than men.

Pain in other Parts of the Body

Both men and women experience pain, but they experience it differently whether is through intensity or a different part of the body. Men usually experience pain in their left arm, shoulders, back, neck or jaw. While women experience pain only in their chest and left arm more than in their back or jaw. The pain may come and go or persevere through the whole body. It may be a sharp pain or one that they can barely feel.

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