Fall Gardening Tips

blankWinters are milder here in Texas, but you still need to take steps to ensure the upkeep of your garden. It’s important to get your plants ready for the harsher and colder months ahead. Fall garden prep will help the appearance and maintenance of your yard and ensure that it will be bountiful and beautiful come springtime.

Take Stock of Your Garden

The spring and summer plants you have can tell you a lot about the growing season you just had. Walk through your garden and look at how each plant did over the months. Take note of which ones stayed healthy and which ones were not as lucky. Also take note of which plants grew bigger than expected and may need to be moved to a different space or divided. All of the plants who were successes are good bets for you to plant next year.

Clean Up

Now that summer is close to being over, this is a great time to remove dried leaves, overgrown weeds and debris, and remove any plants that won’t make it through the winter. If there is ever a freeze in the coming months, it is important to bring in the plants you can so the intense cold doesn’t kill them. If you can’t bring them in, cover them with a trap or some sort of protective material. Taking all of these precautionary measures will decrease weeds, plant disease, and pests.

Planting New Plants

Some people think that autumn means an end to plants growing, but there is a good amount of plants that can be grown in the fall and winter months. Cool season plants and flowers include: ornamental kale, cyclamen, chrysanthemums, pansies, asters, grasses, trees, and scrubs. All of these will add plenty of color and variety to your garden. You can also protect these plants by adding mulch, cold frames, row covers, and plant covers. To also help celebrate the wonderful season of autumn, you can arrange gourds, pumpkins, and dried cornstalks on your porch/patio and throughout your garden.

This is also the best time to plant flower bulbs and have them bloom by springtime. Some flowering bulbs include tulips, crocus, grape hyacinth, summer snowflake, scilla, daffodil, bearded iris, and Asiatic lily. For all the information you need to know to grow bulbs, visit Garden Design’s website HERE.

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