The Truth About Fall Allergies

blankAfter some record high temperatures in August, fall is luckily around the corner. Many people think the arrival of autumn means the end of their suffering with allergies, but there are quite a few allergy triggers that come with the fall season too. The severity of allergies during different seasons varies from person to person, some people can actually experience worse allergies in the fall. Here are some truths about fall allergies that are not commonly known. 


Pollen Doesn’t Go Away

People usually associate pollen with spring, but there is still plenty of pollen in the air during fall. Ragweed, which many people are highly allergic to, is still in bloom and travels throughout the air. According to Web MD, the effects of ragweed can be felt until October. 

Mold Is A Culprit

That’s right, mold is a big factor that irritates fall allergies. It can grow as a result of wet plants outside, and mold spores come about due to the warm weather from the summer and stick around until late fall or early winter. 

Dust Mites 

Dust mites can collect over the summer and be filtered throughout your home when you turn on your heat for the first time in the fall, says Web MD. Dust is a huge allergy trigger that is often overlooked. 

Fight Against Fall Allergies

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from the sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, and coughing that can come with allergies. It’s best that you get ahead of them because allergies can lead to a full blown cold or sinus infection. A nasal spray can help clear your nasal passage and get rid of inflammation. Over the counter allergy medications that contain antihistamines also help with sneezing.

Dehumidifiers come highly recommended for those who deal with allergies. The job they perform is exactly as it sounds: they get rid of humidity in a room. Dust and mold thrive in humid spaces, so putting one of these on in your room while you sleep could soothe your allergies by getting rid of the source. 

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