Redo Your Home Office

Working from home has become even more common, with people spending their eight-hour work days in the same place they wake up and eat breakfast. Going to work in the same location can make things dull and cause your normal workload to feel less bearable. There’s a fix for that: redecorating your home office space! Sprucing your work station up and making it a more enjoyable place to be can help make working from home feel a little bit closer to the real thing. 


Perhaps the most important object in a home office is a desk. Your desk should be spacious enough for a computer, paperwork, or any other things you need for work. L-shaped desks allow you to sit at a convenient angle with plenty of room to move around. There are also desks that convert into a standing position or toppers you can add to your desk to make it taller, which are good for when your legs get restless or you feel like you’re starting to lose focus.


A comfy chair is key in a home office. After all, it’s where you’ll be sitting for quite a few hours. If the work you’re doing is stressful, you don’t want to have to worry about the chair you’re in hurting your back or not fitting in with the rest of your decor. Target has this blue-patterned chair that’s pretty as well as practical. 


Adding a stylish touch to your home office can boost your morale while you’re working. If there’s a window nearby, pick out some nice curtains to give the space a decorative touch. Anthropologie has beautiful velvet curtains in various dimensions available. 

Stay Calm

A relaxed environment can help you to be more productive at work, and getting a diffuser that works with essential oils can do just that. This diffuser is available at Target

Organize, Organize, Organize

Keeping track of everything you need for work makes all the difference when working in an at-home space. Kohl’s has a dry erase and bulletin board that can be hung on the wall right in front of your desk, while Target has a bookshelf and filer that both come in a classic wooden finish.  

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