Photo-Worthy Face Masks

Face masks have very quickly become a necessary accessory for all of us over the past few months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts recommend that everyone wear them when going out in public to help prevent the spread of the virus from respiratory droplets. There are plain disposable masks, but wearing those everyday can become boring and may emphasize the potential dangers of the virus, causing you more anxiety. Cute cloth masks that have designs on them both protect your face and make wearing a mask feel a bit more comfortable, which may seem trivial but makes a big difference. These masks can be found in stores at Galleria Dallas or the Village on the Parkway.

American Eagle

American Eagle’s brand is all about basic comforts, and you can tell by looking at the masks they have that they’re on the more comfortable spectrum of face masks. These masks are both full coverage (they cover your face from your mouth down to your chin) and come in some unique designs, like this cheetah print one, for example.

Something cool American Eagle does with their masks is that they sell many of them in bundles and some come with an extra item. This denim-themed three-pack of masks is both casual and cool, so you could wear them with several different outfits. The daisy-printed mask comes with a matching scrunchy, which really helps make the mask just another part of your outfit.


Francesca’s inventory of masks are a little more sleek, which matches the overall style of the boutique. They have a snake-print mask that can definitely complement a fancier look than jeans and a t-shirt. On the more subtle side, there is this simple white mask with flowers stitched onto it.


This store has a mix of formal wear and on trend clothing – this is present in their mask collection, too. Their baby blue mask adorned with metallic stars is versatile enough for your favorite flashy outfit and your go-to everyday look.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is the central for youthful, fun clothes – I mean that’s why we love it, right? Their masks appear to have a summer theme, which is great for daytime outings. This yellow tie-dye mask and this dainty butterfly mask practically have summer written all over them.

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