Outdoor Workouts

blankSummer is in full swing, and getting outside for your daily workout is a way you can enjoy the sun and get some much needed fresh air. Exercising already increases your endorphins, so taking your workout outside where you’ll be getting some sunshine and vitamin D can really help boost your mood, according to Everyday Health. Trying one of these outdoor workouts can add some variety to your routine and may even help you discover a new favorite workout. Best of all, you can do these with friends while maintaining a safe social distance.



The skating rinks may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the feeling of gliding across the floor. You can buy a pair of skates online and skate around your neighborhood, at a park or even an empty parking lot. Not only is it a fun retro summertime activity, but it’s a way to move your body outside. Your legs and core will be activated by working to hold yourself up and push off on the skates. If you’re new to skating, you can take this time to learn and work on learning a few tricks.

Walk trail 

Nature trails offer several opportunities to get in a good outdoor workout, and the Corridor has no shortage of them. For a less intense workout, you can do a hike on a trail. There’s also the option of running the trail – if you put in your headphones and run to a playlist like this one from runnersworld.com, the music will help motivate you and make your run go by faster. Lastly, hopping on your bike and riding through the trail is an awesome way to keep your heart rate up.


If there was ever a form of exercise that was made for being done outside, it’s yoga. Being outdoors with your yoga mat makes it a lot easier to focus on the movements you’re doing and enter into a calm, balanced state. Although yoga has a reputation for being relaxing, don’t mistake that for it being easy. You will definitely break a sweat and be challenged to use your core to transition into the different poses. For beginners, Yoga with Adriene  on Youtube is a great guide with a variety of different yoga videos to follow. 

Dance it out 

Dance is both a fun way to express yourself and a way to target every part of your body during a workout. Head outside and alternate between a traditional high intensity workout for five minutes, like this one by fitness guru Chloe Ting, and freestyle dancing to your favorite music for two minutes as a break and continuing until you finish the workout. 

Kinrgy, a fitness program created by Julianne Hough based on dance, does live classes via Zoom at an affordable price. You can sign up for one here. Or just get outside and move! 

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