Gorgeous Lashes

Perfect lashes complete your look, no matter if you have a full face of makeup or a simply natural look. Whether you want to use them for a night out, a day in the office or just for fun, here are some of the best and most gorgeous lashes you can find in the Dallas Corridor. 

KISS Lash Couture Triple Push-Up, Teddy —Ulta Beauty $6.99

This lashes have extra volume and length for the perfect lift. The teddy style makes the lashes look voluminous, and they will make you feel like a queen! You can reuse these up to two times, and they’re cruelty free. If that doesn’t already make them perfect, they’re also not heavy and can be put on with normal lash glue or the KiSS strip adhesive.  

Eylure ProMagnetic Liner Faux Mink Kit Accent – Target $14.99

Some people may be allergic to the elastic or the lash glue, but there’s no need to not use lashes if you want to. These magnetic lashes allow you to literally paste them to your eyes with their glue—all you need it’s the special liner it comes with! Best thing yet about these? They have a secure hold, and you can wear them up to 15 times! The eyeliner is long-lasting and smudge-proof; therefore, there’s no need to worry about it running after a couple hours. 

Huda Beauty Jacqueline Classic False Lashes – Sephora $19.00 

The natural look is back, and these lashes are exactly what you need to mimic that natural look. They have the precise amount of curl and volume to make it seem like you’re not wearing any lashes. All you have to do is put them on with lash glue, and they will give an effortless lift to your eyes. These are perfect for wearing by themselves, with no makeup. 

Lilly Lashes Faux Mink False Lashes Miami – Ulta $26.00 

There’s only two words to describe this pair of lashes: dramatic and glamorous. The 3D look is great for monolid or hooded eyes. These lashes are lightweight, so they shouldn’t be heavy for your eyes. They can be used up to 20 times and are 100% vegan free!

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