Fried Pickles Are More Than an Appetizer

Spears or chips, fried pickles are a delicious appetizer to get you ready for the main course.

An easy, shareable and oh-so-delicious appetizer, fried pickles are always an automatic “yes” for me when the server comes to our table. Chips or spears, yes, please. After doing some research (because I love finding the history of different dishes and foods) I found that the first recipe for a fried pickle appeared in a 1962 issue of the Oakland Tribune. The recipe called for sweet pickle slices and pancake mix. Kind of weird, but still sounds delicious right? In 1963, Bernell “Fatman” Austin began serving fried pickles at his restaurant in Atkin, Ark., and after a while, other restaurants caught on and began selling them as well. The rest, as they say, is history. So, where in Addison can you order these deliciously fried treats?

Pluckers Wing Bar serves up some amazing wings, no if’s and’s or but’s, but before you get that delicious plate of wings, make sure to order a round of their fried pickle spears. Battered and fried perfectly and served with ranch, these are a must.

While Snuffer’s is known for their loaded cheese fries, their fried pickles can hold their own on their menu. Classic pickle chips battered, deep-fried served with ranch, and ready to be devoured while you wait for your burger.

At Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse, it’s not just about amazing Cajun cuisine. Oh no, their menu includes some classic dishes and appetizers and their fried pickles are so good. Order a basket of their fried medallions along with your lunch or dinner choice. You will not be disappointed.

Norma’s Café serves up Texas-size dishes and their fried pickles order is no different. Dill pickle chips lightly battered and fried golden brown served with Norma’s Café home-made ranch dressing.

Have a favorite fried pickle spot, recipe? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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