Four Shows that Will Make You LOL

blankTired of watching the same old shows? If you’re in need of a good laugh you have found the perfect list. Here are some great comedy shows that you can stream anywhere and will have you laughing out loud!

“The Office” – NBC

I’m sure you saw this one coming. “The Office” aired on NBC for eight years and has nine seasons! This mock-documentary follows the daily lives of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company employees. It’s kid-friendly and it has everything from humor, suspense and romance to those scenes that make you ugly-cry. You can watch “The Office” on your DVR or stream all nine seasons on Netflix. 

“Nick Cannon: Wild ’N Out” – MTV

This improv comedy show will have you laughing due to the things A-listers celebrities say on this show. This show has over 200 episodes that last 30 minutes, and it has just been renewed for its 16th season. The show has two teams, who have to go through a series of games and freestyle rap at the end with their opponent. This show is perfect for a good-laugh on a night in. You can watch it on MTV or YouTube, and you can even buy tickets to go to the show and watch it live!

“BoJack Horseman” – Netflix 

This adult-animated television show follows the life of washed-up actor, BoJack Horseman. It has realistic themes on how people deal with depression, racism, sexuality and self-destructive behavior between other issues. The show has been aired since 2014 and its last season came out on 2020. This show will make you laugh but also give you insight to problems that people go through everyday. You can stream all six seasons on Netflix. 

“Shameless” – Showtime 

Comedy-drama television show “Shameless” is called exactly what it is. This show debuted soon 2011 and it has been renewed for its 11th and last season. This show follows the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher and his six kids. Although the show has incredibly funny scenes, this show depicts alcoholism and how it affects those around them It also sheds light to racism sexuality and mental-health problems like Bipolar Disorder. You can stream this show on Showtime or Netflix. 

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