Cozy PJs

blankAfter a long day, bedtime is your chance to wind down and relax. Getting a good night’s sleep is easier the more comfortable you are, and your bedtime attire is included in that. A comfortable pair of pajamas can be a game changer, especially during these hot and stuffy summer nights. You can shop the following PJs in stores in the North Dallas Corridor. 


Nightgowns are an underrated piece of bedtime clothing. In hotter months, a nightgown is a good choice because it’s lightweight and easy to get in and out of.

This satin gown from Kohl’s is a call back to vintage glamour with the intricate detailing on the front. Not only would you feel cosy and cool in this, but very regal.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is this simple but cute cotton charcoal gray gown that will give you all the comfort of your favorite t-shirt. 

Classic Pants Set

Soft cotton pajama sets will never go out of style and it’s easy to see why. Putting one on after a warm shower and getting into bed is a sure fire way to get some good sleep. Chico’s has Jersey Piped set that comes in muted tones of beige and pink. 

Old Navy has this fun polka dot set that will bring a little bit of personality to your nighttime routine. 

This satin turquoise set from H&M has a very bohemian vibe because of its light, billowy silhouette. The pants are capri length, which gives the set more of a summertime feel.

Shorts Sets

Sometimes pants might just be little too much, so a shorts pajama set is the way to go. Target sells this polka dot set that comes with an eye mask. The store also has this gray tank and shorts set that is great when you need to keep cool. 

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