Camo is Cool Again

blankCamo is thought of by some as a childish print. I know that I used to wear a lot of it in elementary school – I once begged my parents to buy me a completely pink camo outfit with matching shoes. We should know one of the most important rules of fashion: what goes around will come back again, and this time it’s camo’s turn. The print is no longer for precocious children who want to joke about being invisible while wearing it. Camo can be mature, adventurous and cool all at the same time. You can pick up any of the following items below at stores in Addison.


Protect Your Face

A facial mask is as important to your outfit as shoes are. They are also mandated by law now, so finding one that you look and feel good in is important. Windsor has this very cute camo mask that has cloth-covered ear loops for extra comfort. 


This button down boyfriend shirt from Express can be worn during any time of year. The silhouette mimics that of a classic army jacket. It’s a bit oversized, so it’s perfect for a casual yet chic outfit completed with jeans and a pair of heels. As the model on the website demonstrates, it looks good both buttoned up and left open with another shirt underneath.

Rue 21 has this pink camo tube top in stock that’s part of the early 2000’s trend resurgence. Pairing a top like this with high waisted shorts or pants will prevent you from having to constantly tuck your shirt back in. It can also be worn with a midi skirt for a more boho look.

Dress to Impress

Purchasing a camo dress is another way you can dive into this summer trend. Target’s light washed camo print dress is great for a daytime outing. Made of comfy cotton material, the dress has a laidback look while adding a little bit of drama with the slit.


Athleisure is one of the undying trends, so adding camo into the equation can freshen up your look even more. These cargo joggers from Forever 21 have the traditional army green in the pattern along with white, grey and black. These pants also come in pink for those who are partial to the color. 

It’s a little more likely that you’re in the market for a pair of shorts since the temperatures are blazing. Old Navy flips the camo trend again by turning the pattern into flowers on this pair of shorts. 


It’s not just your clothes that can have a dose of camo – you can experiment with it on your shoes, too! These heeled sandals from Belk embodies the subtlety of camo in a very sleek, fashionable way. 

In the Bag

The camo on the tote bag from Macy’s  is an understated beige, which is perfect for people who want to let other things take the spotlight. This kind of bag is good for bringing along with you for daily errands or to the office because it’s both practical and charming. 

On the other hand, there’s no mistaking that this sequin camo clutch from Express was made for a night out. The camo and sequins pull double duty as far as being flashy, so a plain black dress or black ripped jeans with a leather jacket would be nice choice. 

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