Valley House Gallery Presents Lindy Chambers and Luke Sides!

“Ball Players” by Lindy Chambers. Credit: Valley House Gallery.

Bring some beautiful art into your life (and your home!) by visiting Valley House Gallery’s newest exhibitions from June 27-Aug. 15. They will be presenting Lindy Chambers’ “Obscura” and Luke Sides’ “A Gluttonous Past.”

Chambers’ work is oil and acrylic on canvas, featuring scenes inspired by real life. This is her third solo exhibition at Valley House. Chambers is an identical twin who was born in Tennessee and spent her youth drawing and riding horses. She moved to Texas in 1972. After a brief stint in sculpture – that ended when the foundry she built to cast her own bronzes burned to the ground – she turned to painting pictures inspired by rural trailer life around her Bellville, Texas home. The trailers, where dogs and goats once ruled, are now filled with human activity, including drive-in movies, family reunions, bike riding, playing games, mowing the yard, watching flying saucers, gardening and more.

“Most of my inspiration comes from rural Texas,” said Chambers in a recent press release. “My focus begins when I leave the highway pavement and drive on dirt and gravel roads in the country. I am oddly drawn to the obscure habitats and curious color combinations that I find off-road. Before every painting, I make a series of black-and-white thumbnail sketches. When I start to paint, the color is intuitive, and the process is spontaneous. I try to listen to the canvas and react to it. If I overthink the painting, it is likely to end up in Danny’s burn pile.”

“Big Sow” by Luke Sides. Credit: Valley House Gallery.

Sides’ work consists of bronze and iron statues depicting various animals. Valley House has represented Sides’ sculptures since 2011. He was born in Dallas in 1975 and earned his BFA in 1998 and his MFA in 2001 from the University of North Texas in Denton. He has been a professor of Art of Collin College – Plano Campus since 2002.

“My work has dealt with pigs, puppies, pastries, peppers and portraits, but most importantly puns,” said Sides in the release. “I feel my work is greatly influenced by the funk movement with a little pop component. Pigs have been an interest of mine from a very early age after reading Animal Farm and raising pigs as a child for FFA. I have always seen my sculptures of pigs as self-portraits. The gluttonous nature of pigs resonates deeply with me. In the past, I ate myself into a state of obesity and high cholesterol. The combination of these things and a deep family history of heart disease were not enough to curb my appetite. On the other hand, pigs are extremely smart. Pigs are survivors to the point that feral pigs and wild boars have become a real problem for rural communities across the US. Although King Pig is cast in bronze, many of my pig sculptures are cast in pig iron. All these aspects make the pig my spirit animal. I have embraced my shortcomings and work daily to rectify them, but I also embrace the tenacity of the pig and see that as my strongest trait.”

You can meet both artists by appointment (and while wearing masks) from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. June 27. We can’t wait to see both of these amazing exhibits!


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