Upgrade Your Bedroom

blankAfter a long day, there is nothing better than coming hope and relaxing in your room. Your bedroom should be your own personal kingdom, a place where you can unwind and just be yourself. The way your room looks plays a huge part in how comfortable you feel in it, so it may be necessary to redecorate every once in a while to reflect your changing personality or outlook on life. Here are some ways you can upgrade your bedroom so it’s the perfect place to escape to. 

Change Your Bedding

Your bed is like the centerpiece of your room. The way it looks sets the tone for how your room feels, so choosing bedding that reflects your vision of your dream room is important. Adding decorative pillows or even a unique headboard can make a big difference. 

Show off Your Personality

Your bedroom is the best place to put the things you’re interested in on display. For example, if you love music, framing some vinyl records and putting them on the wall will look eclectic and from an interior design standpoint and have personal meaning to you as well. Urban Outfitters sells this record frame in several colors. Books are another type of unique item that can be used for decoration. Buying a small shelf or even lining them up in your window sill looks great. If you want, you could even buy a chair or small couch like this one from Target to make a reading nook in your room. Add a plush blanket into the mix and you have a very cozy section right there in your bedroom.


Something as simple as a rug can transform any space. If you want something that makes your room more sophisticated, a patterned rug can help you achieve that. These are also good for a bohemian vibe. Fuzzy rugs are good if you want your room to look playful and inviting. 

Photo Station 

Another great addition to your room is a photo station. Putting up a backdrop on a portion of a wall in your room that you can take pictures of yourself and friends in front of is something that is becoming a trend. The backdrop doesn’t even need to be professional grade – it can be a poster board, a tapestry or a streamer curtain. You can develop the pictures you take and frame them around your home or place them in an album. This Instax Mini camera from Best Buy produces small polaroid photos that would look great in a photo album.

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