Tips on Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

blankTired of wasting money in multiple brushes that are the same? Don’t throw your brushes away when they’re just too dirty. Keep them and clean them with these different easy methods you can do with products you can find at home! 

Dishwashing Soap and Water 

You already have this at home, so is super handy to use as you should be cleaning your brushes at least once a week! Just fill a cup or a bowl with warm water and add the soap. Move your brushes around a little bit and let it soak. For faster results, just scrub the brushes gently, the soap will take care of the rest and get rid off of impurities in your brushes!

Olive Oil and Dishwashing Soap

Yes, oil is a great item to use to clean your makeup tools, so head to your pantry and use it for this cleaning method. Put the dishwashing soap in a small container and a spoonful of oil, dip your brushes in the mix and swirl them around a few times. This should get rid of the dirt or makeup in your brushes. After that, rinse them under water till there’s no more soap, it should leave your brush looking as good as new! 

Brush Shampoo 

If you’re looking for something that will 100% work and is easy to use, you can always opt out for an actual makeup brush shampoo! These are super helpful if you want to deep-clean your brushes. There’s many options to choose from, but I recommend using the e.l.f brush shampoo, is only $4.00 and it works wonders!

Facial Cleanser

As crazy as this sounds, soaking your brushes in your facial cleaner will clean them. The facial cleanser should dissolve the makeup in your brushes and the dirt, as that’s what it’s designed to do for your face. Remember to always rinse with lukewarm or warm water! 

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