Summer Perfumes

blankWhile you’re updating your wardrobe for the summer, don’t forget to change up your scent too. Perfumes, depending on the notes they contain, can remind you of different seasons. For summer, I love wearing sweet fruity fragrances to add to the levity and fun of the season. The perfumes below have several factors that make them perfect for consideration to be your signature summer scent. As always, they can be found in stores across the North Dallas corridor.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs, $106

This fragrance is perfect for summer, right down to the flower design of the bottle. With notes of jasmine, strawberries and violets, putting it on will make you feel like you just ran through a field of daisies. It manages to be flowery without being overpowering. Daisy is available at Sephora.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, $96

Good Girl is a scent that’s a little more sassy while still maintaining some of those sweet, floral notes underneath. The packaging is in the shape of a high heel, if that gives any indication of what it smells like and what vibe the designer was going for. A combination of jasmine (which seems to be a trend in summer perfumes), coffee and cocoa makes for a smell that says good girls can be mysterious too. Good Girl can be found at Sephora.

Fantasy by Britney Spears, $52

Fantasy, one of Britney Spears’ several best selling perfumes, is one of my all-time favorite scents, especially for summer. The kiwi, lychee, and our old friend jasmine, give it a fruity sweetness, while the musky undertones give it an air of maturity. The bottle is also very fun and fit for the summer. Fantasy is available at Kohl’s. 

Bath & Body Works’ Moonlight, $15

Another personal favorite of mine is Moonlight. It’s a very affordable body mist that has a mixture of lavender, lily of the valley and violets that are the perfect level of aroma. A full body spritz of this in the morning can last you most of the day, which is convenient in the sticky summer heat. Moonlight smells great on it’s own, but because of its subtlety it works well being layered with other scents as well.

Thank U Next by Ariana Grande, $42

Ariana Grande’s latest perfume venture, Thank U Next, is as strong and feminine as the song it’s named after. The “playful yet cool” fragrance smells like pears, raspberries and roses. For those that like their perfume to pack more of a punch, this one will definitely deliver a stronger, long lasting smell.

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