Men’s Summer Styles


There’s always been a lot of emphasis placed on summer style for women. There are magazine spreads about fashion tips and trends and how to be up to date for the scorching hot season, but let’s not forget about the gentleman. Style is important for men too; after all, we all want to look and feel good, especially in the summertime. Incorporating some of these fashion trends will help men turn some heads and get some style points.

Patterned Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts, whether silk, cotton or linen have always been a go-to piece of clothing for men in the summer. Take things up a notch by choosing a patterned version of the classic shirt. Designs like stripes, flowers or even animals freshen up an outfit. 


Of course, there is no practical need for a jacket in the Texas heat, but they can serve as a cool statement that elevate an outfit. For example, a sleek leather jacket works for a date night and channels the classic bad boy style from movies. Bomber jackets are also great for summer evenings out because they’re made of thinner material and can look casual. Last but not least, jean jackets, the evergreen piece that looks good on everyone, look great on men and give off a carefree vibe for the summer. According to British GQ, denim and leather jackets are set to be a big trend for men this season.

Co-ord/Matching Sets

A matching top and bottom set is an underrated look in men’s style. Bringing back the concept of color and patterns to a matching set really looks like you’re ready for summer. There’s a variety of options, whether someone is looking for a matching athletic set, a beachy t-shirt and shorts combo, or even a casual suit for the daytime. 


Yes, men can accessorize too! Accessories are just additions to an outfit, like building on the foundation. For summer, fannypacks are practical add on that can also be a fashion statement. The same thing goes for hats. Jewelry like necklaces are also a nice flair for men – for example, a simple gold or silver chain around the neck can swagger to an outfit, and watches can add a distinguished look. 


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