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Queso has the power to bring people together. When it’s just the right amount of creamy, cheesy and a little bit spicy, it’s irresistible! Throughout my life, I’ve had countless conversations over a bowl of really good queso, perfectly salty chips and an ice-cold margarita. There’s just something about it that warms the soul! If you are looking to try a new amazing queso this weekend, check out a few of my favorite places to go below. And invite a friend – you’re definitely going to want to share!

Cantina Laredo

Cantina Laredo offers authentic Mexican food with a modern twist. Here, you have three magnificent options for your queso craving. Chile con Queso is made with creamy cheese, jalapeno and tomatoes for $7.25 or $8.50. Queso Laredo is queso with seared ground sirloin and pico de gallo for $10. Finally, the Queso y Guacamole Combinacion comes with the famous Chile con Queso and guacamole with diced tomato and queso fresco for $9.50. Top it off with their award-winning Casa Ritas to really ensure a good time.

Mi Cocina

Prefer a little protein with your cheese? Head to Mi Cocina for an amazing Chile con Queso for $5.75 or $7.75, where you can add Picadillo beef for $1 or brisket for $2. This instantly upgrades it from a light appetizer to a delicious main course, keeping you full for much longer. Most of their appetizers are also served with queso, so whether you order the quesadillas, nachos or salad, you can still get a taste of that delicious queso on the side.

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

At first glance, this upscale Salvadorian-style restaurant doesn’t look like a place you could spend hours munching on chips and spilling secrets with your best friends. But when they bring out that hot queso, filled with red and green chiles, you will change your mind. Gloria’s always serves delicious salsa and black bean dip for free, so adding Chile con Queso for $4 or $8 is a no-brainer. Top this with their extra-strong house margaritas, and you have your new favorite girls’ night getaway.


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