Easy Summer Hairstyles

Summer is amazing – you get sun-kissed skin, a glowing complexion and plenty of vitamin D to help you sleep better at night. But every Southern woman knows the summer is terrible for your hair! The heat and humidity make it a frizzy, puffy mess that ruins almost any hairstyle. However, with a few products in the Corridor, you will be back to your pretty locks in no time! Here a few of my favorite, easy summer hairstyles.

Braid, Braid, Braid

You can’t go wrong with braiding your hair! You’ve been doing this since you were a toddler, but it’s still the best way to avoid a hair meltdown when you start sweating. After you shower, work a hair oil through your strands (like this OUAI Hair Oil from Sephora for $28). This oil fights frizz and protects against heat damage, as its made with African galangal, ama oil and Asian borage oils. But most importantly, it makes your hair smooth and shiny, so it can easily be swept up into braids. Just braid the top half of your hair and let the rest of your locks hang down or put the whole thing up in a French braid.

Thick Locks

Start by parting your hair down the middle. Then, take about a quarter of hair from the top left side of your head and twist it or braid it. Twist it into a bun and secure with a colorful scrunchie. Repeat on the other side. From there, make your hair thicker and wavier by using the Bumble and bumble thickening spray ($30 from Ulta). This works to lift your hair, while adding volume and body. Simply spray all over and scrunch your hair with your fingers. When it dries, you will have perfect beachy waves.


When in doubt, accessorize! Francesca’s has tons of cute hair accessories, like these gorgeous multi-colored hair barrettes and this yellow bandana ponytail scarf.  For the barrettes, start by sweeping your hair to the nape of your neck and collecting in one hand. Then, twist the hair up and secure it with bobby pins. From there, add barrettes to each side of your part to add a pop of color to the look, while keeping hair soft and pulled back! For the pony scarf, simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and wrap this elastic around it. The bandana will mingle with your hair for a cute look.

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