Benefits of Walking

blankYou do this every day. You may walk to the mall, to the store, around the block or around your house. Doing this easy exercise might feel like nothing, but doing it constantly has many advantages to your health and your daily life. 

Weight Loss 

Depending on how much steps you walk and the distance determines how many calories you burn. Walking can bern up to 100 calories per mile! The average person walks around 6,000 steps a day – that’s 3 miles, therefore, 300 calories! 

Great Stress Reliever 

Walking isn’t only about losing weight, is also about feeling good about yourself. Just like running, walking releases that “happy cell” serotonin. Instead of being indoors, a walk outside may even make you happier, the sunshine makes an extra impact on your mood. Taking a walk when feeling stressed, tired or just because of fun will make you feel better. 

Better Immune System 

Multiple ten-minute walks during the day might decrease the chances of you getting the common cold. You don’t need to walk a mile to boost your immune system, just taking at least 300 steps decreases the factors of you having high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. It’s also believed to decrease the chance of women getting breast cancer.

Soothes Joint Pain

Yes, walking may soothe the pain that you already have in your joints from doing other exercise or just sitting all day. Taking a couple steps or a walk will make your body feel better. Walking builds up your muscles, you may not see a change but it strengthens them and your joints.  

You Save Money 

Besides building up your immune system and having multiple benefits to your health, walking everywhere saves you money. You also help the environment by not using your car, if it’s walking distance and is a beautiful day out, you should take advantage of it and take a stroll outside. Just remember to stay hydrated! 

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