Stylish Sunglasses

blankSunglasses are the perfect two-for-one fashion: they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and are also just really cute. With summer coming, your choice in eyewear is a great opportunity to experiment with new looks. All of the following sunglasses are available in stores in the North Dallas Corridor. 

Oversized and Glamorous

There’s just something about sunglasses that cover most of your face that screams Hollywood. These tortoiseshell oversized sunglasses from Urban Outfitters help you block out the sun and anything else you don’t want in your view. These shades definitely make a statement and are my favorite style of sunglasses. Tip: if you have to run out to do a quick errand and don’t have on makeup, a pair of these will add all the flair you need. 

Cat Eyes Are In 

These sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack  manage to look both classic, thanks to the cat eye shape, and futuristic because of the bright pink color. Pops of color are a trend for 2020 and go hand-in-hand with summertime. 

Return of the Tiny Shades

Keeping with the theme of color, these red tinted oval sunglasses bring back a style from the late 90s/early 2000s. These small lenses from Zumiez have been seen on most of today’s style figures, from Hailey Baldwin to Kendall Jenner. While they may not work overtime protecting your eyes, they’re a great addition to a casual or athleisure style outfit. 

Aviators for the Guys

Men can’t go wrong with a classic aviator shade. We love this awesome Ray-Ban’s from Nordstrom featuring a cool, lime-green tint on the shades and gold metal frames. Wear these for instant cool factor.

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