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blankBeing under quarantine has left us with so much extra time. At first glance, this sounds like a good thing, but after two months, it starts to feel like a never ending countdown. Starting a new hobby is a tactic to help fill the free time and keep your spirits up! Through the gift of the internet and online ordering, it’s totally feasible to take up a new craft even during a pandemic. 


Many people have taken up painting to relax them and give them something positive to focus on during this time. Whether you’re an experienced artist or can hardly draw a decent stick figure, creating something beautiful can help you see the beauty in your own life. Materials like canvases, easels and paint can be bought on Amazon or at your local craft or grocery store. 

Virtual Book Club

The hustle and bustle of daily life leaves little time to sit back and get lost in a good book. Now that the hustle and bustle has quieted down, book lovers can get back in the habit of devouring several books a week. You could pick up an old favorite from the collection you have at home, or order a new one online. Audible is an amazing way to consume literature too. 

If you want to take your reading a step further, start a book club with people you know and have weekly check-ins over Zoom to discuss the events of the story. 


Starting your own blog is easier than ever. With host options like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress, you can design your own blog and post whatever moves you. Blogging is like a public way to journal and share your life and interests with, well, anyone. Keeping a schedule of when you want to publish new posts is a good way to keep busy. You can also use social media to get ideas for what to write about and build an audience for your blog. 

In another vein, for those of you who are tech savvy and like creating videos, vlogging or creating a YouTtube channel is another creative outlet you could devote time to.


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