Board Your Dogs at Citydog! Club This Summer

Photo of Harley and Rumi! Credit: Citydog! Club.

Bella, Bailey and Banjo got a lot more attention, walks and lazy afternoon cuddles over the last two months than they normally do. Thanks to the quarantine, my family has been working and playing from home every day – and our dogs love it!

But now that Texas is opening back up, adults are returning to work in the office and kids are allowed back at daycares, it’s time to start thinking about our dogs. After all this time together, they might not do so well being home alone again. Especially if you are planning on taking a weekend trips or will be gone extended hours! That’s why you should consider booking them a stay at Citydog! Club in Addison. They will be pampered and treated like royalty during their entire stay.

“Board your dog for the summer – July 4, summer vacations, Labor Day or just long days at the office – as it gives your pup a chance to get in some much-missed social time,” said Maggie Russell, general manager of Citydog! Club in Addison. “Plus, you get to get away too!”

At Citydog!, your dogs can socialize, play, nap and exercise. They can play in the cool indoor Play Park, where they can wrestle, climb, run, jump on mini trampolines and have fun. They also get to nap to chill music, go for walks, get styled in the Style Bar and more. Your dogs will also be fed award-winning Orijen dog food, “unmatched quality of any other dog food on other,” according to Citydog! (Note: You are encouraged to bring your own dog food if you can, because most dogs are sensitive to a sudden change in diet.) At the end of the day, your pup gets to snuggle up in the veterinarian recommended Kuranda bed to the sound of relaxing music. You can check up on your super cozy sleeping pet via webcam, giving you peace of mind whenever you start to miss your furry friend.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, you don’t have to worry about the safety and happiness of your dog when he or she stays at Citydog! According to Russell, they have several safety measures put in place for employees, humans and dogs.

“Citydog! Club team members are wearing masks and gloves and require members to wear masks as well,” explained Russell. “The Club is disinfected every 30 minutes in the H-Lounge (H for Human). Also, if members would prefer to keep their leashes, we’re happy to walk the dog back on a lead. And every team member takes their temperature before coming to work to confirm no fever. We require six feet of social distancing and only one member in the H-lounge at a time.”

Additionally, now is a great time to save money! According to Russell, Trim and Style and Bath and Brush services are important all year long. “Dogs require regular Style Bar maintenance to be brushed out, trimmed and to have their nails clipped regularly.”

Right now, they are offering 30% off their Bath and Brush service, which includes a bath, brush out, nail trim and grind, glands, ear cleaning, bandana, spritz and complimentary treat. They are also offering extra days on several packages. You can get four complimentary days on a 20-day package, as well as two free days on a 10-day package. “It’s fantastic savings!” said Russell.

If you are looking for something new, Citydog! Club also offers several new services. They can do private walks with your dog for extra attention, and you can bring your dog on ½ days so you can get a few hours to yourself during the day for doctor appointments or running errands. Additionally, you can sign your dog up for creative Trim and Styles, where a groomer will dye your dog’s hair in a fun new color! After all, who doesn’t want bright pink or neon green hair during quarantine?

First-timers can schedule a complimentary Meet and Greet at Citydog! Just bring your dog and you can get a tour of the Play Park, the sleeping and eating areas, and the Style Bar. This is also a great opportunity to have all your questions answered about your dog’s care and wellbeing. From there, you can sign up for a package, so you can easily bring your dog anytime you need to.

You would prefer playing with friends, getting pampered and sleeping in a cozy bed over being locked in a kennel all day at home – and so would your dog. Show Princess how much you care, and take her to Citydog! Club this month!

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