What to Wear When Exercising at Home

blankWith the shelter-in-place order and social distancing in full effect, all the gyms and fitness centers are closed. Your home has now become your epicenter: your workplace, your family’s gathering place, your comfort-zone and also, your gym. If you’re wondering what to wear for working out at home, have no fear. Below, we have put together an easy reference list!


If you are wanting to practice yoga or something similar, it is best to wear something flexible. One clothing combination that you can try is a pair of form-fitting leggings and a tank top. This will allow easy bending and moving, whether inside on a yoga mat or outside in the grass.


If you are wanting to build up your strength, it is best to have a supportive outfit. We recommend opting for a strong sports bra and functional leggings, paired with a sleek top. Make sure to use one of your family member’s as a spotter if you are lifting very heavy weights!


If you are an early-riser or a night owl, wearing reflective gear is crucial. Otherwise, running shorts and a tight t-shirt are just fine. Just be sure to maintain six feet apart from your fellow runners on any trail or neighborhood!


Of course, sometimes the best outfit is the reliable one. Change into your favorite t-shirt, comfortable shorts, favorite sports bra and worn tennis shoes. It’s an oldy but a goody that will get the job done – from squats to stretches. 

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