Unique Face Masks

blankFace masks can be really helpful for your skin. They contain many helpful properties, including hydration, anti-aging and energy. Whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination, there’s one for you! There’s many that you can choose from but here are some unique face masks that are great for your skin. 

Green Tea Face Mask, Sephora Collection – Sephora $6.00

If your skin is oily all the time, this mask might be your ideal mask. This sheet-mask is a one-time use mask, it’s made of green tea extract which helps protect the skin of environmental pollution. This mask gives your skin a matte look, controlling the oil in your face. It also helps with blemishes and it’s supposed to help reduce them. For better results, make sure you don’t rinse off the liquid after taking off the mask!

Que Bella Professional Detoxifying Black Peel-Off Mask – Target $2.49

This might not be as special, but I couldn’t help not putting it on the list! You can use this mask, anywhere on your face, it helps a lot if you have pesky whiteheads or blackheads, this is personally one of my favorite masks. It’s made off of charcoal powder, so it can be a bit harsh on your skin depending of your skin type. Make sure you use a moisturizing mask after to avoid dryness in your face! 

Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask – Sephora $85.00 

The perfect mask if you want to look fancy while using it. This gold mask is actually made up of 24k gold which helps with anti-aging! It’s also made up of colloidal gold, caffeine and magnesium which help the skin to lift up an energize it. This mask will help to make your skin look younger and firmer, and you can use it on your legs and arms as well as your face.

Moisturizing Moon Mask- Glossier $22.00

This face mask is made up of almond oil, plant-based squalene and hyaluronic acid for hydration. You can use it in the morning, right before leaving for work or school, or at night and leave it for a soothing feeling in the morning. This mask is perfect for anybody, it’ll have your face looking brighter and healthier than just putting a normal moisturizer in the morning.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Mask- Walmart $9.45

Want something different? This bubbly clay peel-off mask is fun to do and works wonders on your skin! It’s made up of white clay, green tea extract, charcoal and carbonic acid. This face mask will bubble up on your face after putting it on, giving you the look as if a cloud was on your face. This mask isn’t only fun and different, but it’ll help with any blemishes in your skin as well as removing dead skin cells. It will give your skin a fresh look and make it less prone to breakouts.

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