Tips to Fight the Sniffles

Pollen is released into the air by trees and flowers in order to make other trees and flowers bloom, but this pollen may trigger spring allergies. Although we’re all stuck inside, you’re still susceptible to getting allergies. Here are some tips to avoid them or make you feel better if allergy season has claimed you. 

Stay Inside

If you haven’t caught the sniffles yet and you don’t need to leave your house for an important reason, your best bet is to stay inside. Pollen gets carried away by air, spreading easily among people. In the evenings when the pollen count is generally lower, open a window so the air can circulate in your house. When air doesn’t circulate, you can get sick as bacteria grows in closed-off places.

Drink Tea 

Stuffy nose? Sneezing non-stop? Watery eyes? Scratchy throat? Those are all symptoms of seasonal allergies, so drink something warm to soothe your throat. My personal favorite, chamomile with lavender, is great with some honey and sugar! Honey can also help to soothe your throat, so don’t be afraid to mix it in your drinks or just eat a spoonful by itself. If you want something with a more familiar taste, you may like mint tea better; it can be a great substitute for chamomile tea and it works just as well! 

Stick to the Warmth 

Yes, it’s warming up outside, so  and I bet you want to turn the A/C all the way up. However, it can make your symptoms worse – especially if your A/C ducts have not been cleaned in a while. Additionally, cold water can soothe your throat for a second, but it will make it hurt more as soon as you finish it. Try to drink warm water instead. It may seem weird, but it will help and your throat will thank you. If warm water isn’t your thing, you can always just opt out for room temperature water. You can also warm up a bath, put eucalyptus oil in it or epsom salt to help with circulation in your system.

Take some medicine.

Pills can be a pain to take, but it’ll help your body gain energy and heal you faster than teas would by itself. Some medicine that you can take are allergy pills like Mucinex or Claritin. There’s different types of pills – some will make you sleepy or drowsy and others will keep you up – so make sure to read the fine line on the back. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like Tylenol or Motrin can help as well.

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