Snooze An A.M. Eatery Gives Back to Its Employees

Snooze is helping out its employees through the Snooze Compass Foundation – Photo credit: Snooze An A.M. Eatery

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has hit not only our city, state and country hard, but also the world. Unfortunately, this pandemic has taken a major toll on the economy and the way of life in our country. Among all the bad news that we see there are some signs of hope. One of those signs of hope is something that Snooze has been able to do for their “Snoozers.”

According to a press release by Snooze, “As of today, Snooze has adapted their Compass Foundation to provide relief for all Snooze employees, aka Snoozers, regardless of their current employment status.” It goes on to say, “The Snooze Compass Foundation has been a long-time employee initiative, and was originally created, funded, and operated by Snoozers, for Snoozers. With every paycheck, employees had the option to donate to a collective rainy day fund, which is meant to help Snoozers when they need it the most.”

With the pandemic hitting hard, Snooze has shifted the Compass Foundation and officially launched the new initiative on April 2, which happened to be Snooze’s 14th anniversary. Snooze is getting the foundation going with $50,000 to start.

You can still enjoy the delicious food from Snooze by ordering online and picking it up to go – Photo credit: Snooze An A.M. Eatery

From there, they will then help Snoozers in two ways according to the press release:

“Financial assistance to Snoozers in need, which will provide financial support for Snoozers (whether they are currently employed or inactive) experiencing extended hardships such as trouble making rent, hospital bills or transportation needs.

Via the Compass Challenge, which will provide financial grants to Snoozers that are working to become their best selves during this time. Snoozers can apply for the grants in order to do things like take online courses for learning and professional development, learn new languages, build community gardens and more.”

The Foundation is applicable to all Snoozers, and it includes those who have recently been furloughed or laid off. For those that would like to contribute to the foundation, donations can be made on their special donation website,

One of Snooze’s core beliefs is to bring out the best in Snoozers. While these are certainly difficult times, taking care of their employees is a priority and will no doubt make them stronger when this is over.

Remember that you can still order from their website and pick it up by going to their website now.

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