Outcry Theatre Hosts Online Classes

“The Little Prince” by Outcry Theatre.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, Outcry Theatre had to postpone several of its upcoming youth productions. But don’t worry – children and young adults can still improve their theatre skills by taking one of Outcry Theatre’s online classes!

Outcry Theatre is offering two five-week, online only classes. These include a film class on Wednesdays in April for students aged 11-18, taught by Jason Johnson-Spinos, and a directing class on Fridays in April for students aged 14-22, taught by Becca Johnson-Spinos.

The film studies class is $150, and it will give you an overview of the history and development of filmmaking, an in depth look at film theory and plenty of filmmaking homework covering performance, light, movement, sound, editing and visual image. The directing class is also $150, and it will cover the fundamentals of theatre directing including script analysis, staging, building a scene, crafting moments and more. Students will be asked to discuss the history and theory of directing, then complete homework assignments conceptualizing productions and blocking scenes.

The mission of Outcry Theatre is to draw youth and young adults to the theatre as both audience and participants. They utilize bold artistic vision, highly physical staging and an energetic and visceral performance style. With rigorous rehearsals, tenacious attention to detail and unwavering dedication to excellence, Outcry Theatre focuses on developing stellar performances and exceptional storytelling.

Due to the coronavirus, its newest show, The Little Prince, was postponed from March to June 4-7, 2020. This drama by Rick Cummins and John Scoullar and directed by Jason Johnson-Spinos was based on the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The play tells the story of a world-weary aviator whose plane crashes in the middle of the Sahara Desert. When a mysterious little boy asks him to draw a sheep, the aviator is annoyed – and doesn’t realize he is about to have a life-changing experience. By the end of the show, the aviator (and you) will have a new understanding of how to laugh, cry and love again.

Whether you satisfy your theatre cravings with online classes or wait patiently until you can see a show again, Outcry Theatre has everything you need to get you through this tough time!

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