Movies to Stream in May

blankStaying at home is our new normal, and next month will be more of the same. Even though we’re being advised to stay indoors, movies can transport you into another time and place for about two hours, and a new batch of movies will be up on streaming services in May. You can watch them alone for some personal time if you’re quarantined in a busy house, or if you’re craving human connection, you can video chat or use Netflix party as a way to watch with friends. 


The Lovebirds

This film starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani was supposed to hit theaters in early April, but the coronavirus pandemic stopped it’s release, along with many other films. Netflix came to the rescue and will stream it on the platform starting May 22. The romantic comedy about a couple who “experiences a defining moment in their relationship when they are unintentionally embroiled in a murder mystery” sounds like it will be a nice mixture of romance and the fun qualities that are found in all the best buddy comedies. Watch the trailer here.

Uncut Gems

This rollicking heist movie stars funnyman Adam Sandler in a critically acclaimed role as a jeweler on the hunt for a gem he needs to help him pay his mountain of gambling debt. Sandler got a lot of attention for his performance because it’s a departure from his usual comedic roles. However, that doesn’t mean the movie is lacking in funny moments. It begins streaming on Netflix on May 25. Lakeith Stanfield and Idina Menzel co-star. Watch the trailer here.

Selah and the Spades

Teen actress Lovie Simone stars as the titular Selah, the leader of a clique called the Spades at a boarding school. If you enjoy adolescent stories with mystery and edge, this is the movie for you. It premiered on Amazon Prime Video in late April, so if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s plenty of time to watch it in May. Watch the trailer here


The Elton John biopic starring Taron Egerton that debuted last summer will be on Hulu starting May 22. This is a charming movie full of music, great costumes and triumph. Watch the trailer here.

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